The PUFC Team Belgium on a day break at Bali Island enjoying the culture. Something you probably don’t know is team coach Pascale Seels joined UFC back in 2001 in the Malta edition and proved herself being one of the most respected contestants, always ended in the top 10 of the best of 50 selected contenders. During the years, Pascale learned exactly how UFC works which gives her the benefit over most other contestants to play the tactics in this competition. Shortly after Malta 2001 Bart van Litsenborg and husband of Pascale joined the UFC by coaching Pascale and entered in the selection for 2006 on Curacao Island. They both have a long UFC history and are highly respected by the way they support UFC and being a great ambassador for the UFC. In the 2016 Bali edition they assembled a surprisingly good performing team with Eva, Anka, Bianca, sander, Rudi, Bart and coach Pascale.

A true love for sports

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