The spin-off of 15 episodes started on April 18th and is now online at Insight. If you haven’t watched it yet;  here is the link to Insight. Please send us some feedback of what you think of the first episode, make a comment below.
Tip; if you are watching from an iMac you have to install/activate Flash. Link

Prize draw

Every episode will have a winner. We have 15 prizes, ranging from Ultimate Forces T-Shirts to lots of other prizes. The exact prize list will be revealed week by week. We start the grand prize list this week with a unique Ultimate Forces Challenge T-Shirt. On July 25th we will random draw the 15 winners to the prizes. Everybody will have a chance to win a prize! To enter the prize draw, you can increase your chances by completing more actions. Some actions give more points than other, there are even actions that you can repeat daily!

Golden Ticket

The super prize is a golden ticket. A chance to enter in this years (upcoming) Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge! You can select your own team, skip the preselection right into the semi-final competition. To enter for this Golden Ticket, send us a video where you introduce yourself and your team ‘Ultimate Forces Challenge Style’. Use your imagination, and tell us why you need to be in our competition! We will show all videos on our website.

To enter our prize draw;

Episode 1 ‘Forces of Nature’

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