Having a Risk and First Aid management is priority from day one in UFC.

Using the resources available to you onsite, develop emergency procedures to be followed by staff and volunteers in a significant incident/emergency, eg sudden bad weather, a fire or structural failure. Include contingencies to deal with incidents and situations as varied as an entertainment act cancelling at short notice, severe weather, or the unavailability of key staff in your team.

Through all the UFC editions a First Aid crew and at some occasions an Ambulance was on site form day one. With a proper planning and disciplines designed and prepared in advance at least one day ahead, the main percentage of risk management is easy to maintain. Of course minor injuries happen and numerous athletes ended up in the ambulance having minor injuries being taken care of by doctors and nurses putting them back in the competition in no time. 

But wen do you fuck up? When you trust the wrong people, a TV production company who don’t know their business and switching disciplines each day back and forth without notifying the crew who is responsible for building it and taking care of risk. No safety divers/swimmers in the water, no tide charts, no weather reports, nothing of that kind was taken care of by the TV production company. Of course UFC will get the blame because people performing with their team assume these things are taken care of. A hard but useful lesson, don’t trust others but your own team. TV producers have other priorities when looking for the right scene and circumstances getting the right footage for the program and a true bloody accident is a lucky shot for a TV producer who’s always looking for sensation and drama. Well UFC want’s to keep is real but surely save without accidents.

Luckily no serious accidents happened and UFC took back the control in disciplines and first aid in time on the scene. The TV production company will be held accountable for their errors, putting contestants and crew at serious risk by not communicating and lack of preparation -and professionalism, an official procedure by law is imminent. UFC will never let this happen again.

UFC uses official international guidelines in regarding to First Aid and Safety. For the next UFC edition real medical professionals will be on the set from day one. Well planned disciplines, build days ahead to test and secure as best as we can. No changes in the schedule which causes disorder and insecurity for people involved. UFC goes back to basics just to make sure UFC will be your best memorie in life.

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