In 1999 UFC started with this group of Girl Power, an UFC woman only which scored amazingly well and shortly after the first Malta edition in 2000 was launched and broadcasted on national TV. Back then they had to complete their Challenges also and they weren’t easy. 6 outdoor disciplines in one day and on stage at the end.

From that point applications were pouring in each day and after two years in a row easy 300 contestants a year was the next standard to be selected in the top 20, not an easy task with so many powerful women. Male contestants entered the UFC in 2006 and for your information, the women beat the men in 8 out of 12 disciplines on Curacao Island, real Girl Power.

From 2001 all contestants were trained and top 20 selected by the Dutch Marines who gave that extra Umpff to the UFC for the next level.

A true love for sports

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