Yesterday we had a meeting with two leading figures of the Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge Bali on professional production management level to discuss possibilities when the Corona lockdown starts loosen up. Both Michelle van Deijck and Erik Eijgenstein has shown themselves at PUFC Bali being true dedicated pro’s for when it’s going to get tough, they keep going and take charge.

Shortly after PUFC Bali we found each other again, recognizing the true pro’s in the TV crew and we stayed in contact for the next edition. As the world-famous soccer player Johan Cruijff’s slogan said, one of the most challenging issues in business is finding the right people on the road to success’. Especially the TV crew distinguished themselves, regardless the circumstances by staying professional and focused, chapeau. Now on our way to the next series we know who should be on our list and who’s exit.

Because we already decided to step away from linear TV and focus on Online VOD and SVOD in cooperation with Amazon Prime and Vimeo our objectives are clear and both, Michelle and Erik agreed instantly’ we’ve got to go our own way and stay independent, especially heading to the future. Being independent hands us much better exposure, branding and marketing opportunities for partners and sponsors without interference by annoying dominant broadcasting companies. 

To inspire.

We discussed timetable, planning, pre-production, gathering a great TV production team and of course, full organization and production will be in our own hands again, no more amateurs. With three new programs ahead, partners and sponsors on board we all have our homework for the next coming weeks to set up a professional planning for when the Corona lockdown comes to an end, we’re ready.

Because we love what we do

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