Internet streaming televisions are changing the way consumers can watch their favourite programmes.

Internet TVs accounted for 21% of all sets sold last year and growing rapidly.

At the Consumer Entertainment Show in Las Vegas companies have been pushing technology to make streaming television more mainstream. Since it was first invented, television technology has come a long way. What was once viewed on a little black and white box has become an on-demand experience on sleek, large flat-screen TV’s. Not only that, but more and more viewers are watching their favorite movies and television shows on not just their TV, but on their tablets and smartphones as well.

Along with the evolving technology, the way in which television is viewed has also been subject to development and change. Gone are the days of making sure that you were home at a certain time for your favorite show, as with streaming video, DVR’s, on-demand services and recording technology you can watch pretty much what you want, whenever you want. We’ve put together a list of trends that are contributing to the change in how we watch TV.

With 55% of smartphone owners and 61% of tablet owners using at least one television related application at least once a month, technology has seen mobile consumption of video rapidly increase. The use of TV apps as Netflix, Amazon Prime is redefining how we watch television, and makes TV shows and movies readily available on the move. Apps such as are available on most popular smartphone and tablet operating systems, and enable viewers to view content on their device wherever they are. Along with this, a new generation of Smart TV’s also implement the use of apps so that viewers can access streaming content straight from their television set.

For programs as the Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge, it’s a matter of mindset and accept that watching a program or series is no longer a one-time occasion and you have to hurry to get home in time to watch the next episode. No, you can watch it 24 / 7 at any occasion you like to watch it on the UFC website over and over again. So enjoy the 6th episode of the Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge tonight a 21:25 on or tomorrow or the day after.

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