Nicky van Kammen, ‘Your DNA analysis is used to identify risk factors for your health. Remember; having a genetic predisposition is no guarantee for the development of disease. The genes for which we analyze your ability to be influenced can be positively influenced by, among other things, lifestyle factors, diet, physical exertion and, where necessary, nutritional supplementation. If you know where your genetic predisposition is unfavorable, then there is the possibility to reduce health risks and improve the functioning of your body and brain. ‘

Your report consists of five chapters that show the most important elements of your personal areas of attention in relation to your lifestyle, diet and exercise in various themes.


What is your goal? Where do you want to become the better version of yourself? Your goal determines your plan.

Regardless of which plan you choose, you always receive a digital report with more than 100 pages of results, backgrounds, nutritional information, practical advice and your personally best nutrition plan.


With the tools we offer you can get the best out of your life. Thanks to our new and reliable way of analyzing on the basis of your genes, you can achieve your goals. Making adjustments in your living conditions are the keys with which you can positively influence your health in the area of ​​your thinking, feeling, stress control, physical exercise, lifestyle and nutrition.

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