The 15 episodes series starts on Monday 11 Feb. at 1:00 AM on SKY.

Team USA

The Ultimate Forces Challenge is a unique outdoor sports and survival competition for M/F teams. Organized since 1999 and during the years successfully going global. As of 2017, all challenges are broadcasted on TV and online worldwide that delivers footage at an amazing HD resolution.

Team South Africa and Team USA

During the event the selected country team contestants have to perform in a number of 10-15+ outdoor disciplines. In general, the 15+ disciplines were designed to test advanced top level military ready sportsmanship, planning, strategy, climbing techniques, team work, time management, endurance, team cohesion, speed, maneuverability tasks under stress, breaching skills, communication, etc. And a number of physical disciplines and exercises to test your skills and perseverance. Since the start in 1999 sport disciplines are announced by name only, leaving the actual details a mystery for the contestants until arrival on the day to perform.

Team Canada

Most contestant have a military or homeland security back ground, required to make it to the finish. However regular athletes are welcome to sign up. Please be aware, the Ultimate Forces Challenge is not a “follow the signs, bite size” competition like most mud runs, this 10 days and night competition requires brains, stamina, team spirit and real guts to make it to the finish.

Team South Africa at night #Photonis @Photonis

Gear up for your next Challenge in 2019 in Canada, the winter edition in Alberta and compete against teams from around the world. If you want additional information, send an email to: the only official organization of the UFC.

Team canada

Ultimate Forces Challenge

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