With just one hurdle to take UFC has gathered most of the production & event crew complete. A professional TV & Event crew who know their business, with UFC experience and more than willing to go for the next Ultimate Forces Challenge. So different than other outdoor competitions each UFC must have other disciplines than the previous ones and be aware, yes we have 15 new challenging disciplines for the teams. Looking for excitement, you’ve come to the right place.

Having the right and skilled crew and partners gives UFC the possibility to create new challenges each time. On location most disciplines have been set on the right location and sets having the right look & feel UFC is looking for. Once you see our first promo online you’ll understand what we mean by the right Look & Feel.

Through email we already received numerous requests for signing up but an official application is only possible when exact dates of the UFC 2019 are set. From the moment our PARTICIPATE PAGE is activated, you can sign up officially for the UFC 2019 edition. It’s going to happen soon. It’s more than just a competition as UFC strives to raise the bar each time. 

A true love for sports

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