Meanwhile some members of the Australian UFC Team started a challenge of their own, the GodZone 2018 . A 10 days / 600 km journey at New Zeeland, discovering all kind of nature ant moving forward trough all kinds of transportation like canoeing, bicycle, walking, climbing with a lot of teams, it looks like a amazing challenge. UFC wishing you guys an amazing journey.

A statement from Wayne…

Finally after 6 months of preparation we are off to compete in GODZONE 2018. It would be understatement to say I enter this event feeling fully prepared, I feel like this will be one of the hardest events I have participated in to-date. Our little team of 4 amazing individuals will be looking to cover 600km in 10 days or less. This will involve pure skill in map reading and navigation, I will leave this in the capable hands of Wayne Smith and Cass Jones. Our secret weapon Victoria Fischer Robyn Ann Trenton the power house will be setting the walking pace to help us complete this adventure. If you are interested following us check out team Rorange number 56 on the events live tracker. (Link will be added as soon as it becomes available).

A true love for sports

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