Of course this was quite predictable, especially in Holland were Production Companies take every opportunity to steal others ideas and programs, and when hold accountable they don’t understand… do you recognize it? Well we do -and of course they do too. When I started UFC back in 1999 as the very first one’ I already knew this will become copy material as I was a trendsetter before with other ideas. 

Now programs as #KampWaas, #KampvanKoningsbrugge, #Nowayback, #Specialforces, etc. they’re all direct copies from our Ultimate Fitness Challenge and Ultimate Forces Challenge which we started back in 1999. Sophisticated Internet technique helped us to find and  identify these specific production and broadcasting-companies when they watched our YouTube films over and over again, not realizing’ everybody who’s watching our TV series’ leaves a build in IP Signature behind. Even specific designed UFC disciplines have been copied. These Belgium and Dutch Production and Broadcasting-Companies didn’t even took the effort to ask us if we would object… Recent we handed all our gathered data to our lawyer who will investigate by Author Rights and Dutch Media Laws. We could easy identify: De Mensen. Giel de Winter, Tuvalu Media, Simpel Zodiac. have watched our UFC series on YouTube and our website hundreds of times.

Most of our audience don’t understand our Event & Production position, we have to do everything our selves as we did in 8 UFC editions before. We don’t have a broadcasting company behind us’ offering a decent budget to organise and produce such an event and TV series.

We have to find our own sponsors & partners to make this possible.

Now the Television, VOD and SVOD landscape is changing rapidly and two world leaders SVOD companies have reached out to UFC to discus possibilities for new Global UFC series and offered legal help to take care of copycats. We’re looking forward to the upcoming developments.

A True Love For Sports

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