While Germany is relatively unfamiliar with the Ultimate Forces Challenge our network worked great again. Of course the PUFC Bali edition was broadcasted online and due to tracking options in our website we noticed more and more German UFC enthousiasts were visiting our website more often. The German team needs two more contestants to complete the team and UFC is happy to have a German team on board.

A German team in the Ultimate Forces Challenge is a game changer, because of their famous dedication, determination and persistence in sports always giving 100% till the last minute. The other teams must be aware of this German persistence, however other teams have the benefit of their UFC experience, knowing how it works and how things can chance during the challenge.

In previous UFC competitions we had some German contestants making their presence noticed by never giving up and great effort till the end. Some countries are still working on their team and when they succeed a few new countries will be added to the competition making this unique challenge more and more international. Those few countries have limited time to complete their team because the next Ultimate Forces Challenge is closing in fast.

A true love for sports 

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