Already notorious in 2005 was the Water Obstacle Course, a special training by the Dutch Marines  at Curacao Island. Involving water was always an issue in the UFC disciplines because lots of people are not comfortable in water and especially in open water. It has that special effect on what’s happening beneath you what you cant’s see. 

Next to that, moving forward in water is an obstacle by itself, it’s holding you back all the time, while you want to go as fast as you can. Compare with that nightmare where you want to run as fast as you can bat you stay on the same place. Of course these Marines already knew that so a must have in UFC was the verdict. And a challenge is was.


Of course was the Water Obstacle in UFC Bali a challenge which most contestants have never done, so that has to be one of the disciplines, and they did. That’s why Ultimate Forces Challenge is different, you just don’t know what’s next. Will there be a Water Obstacle in 2019? we just can’t tell you. We don’t want ruin the element of surprise.


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