Waterfalls are unique nature sights. This means that no two waterfalls are exactly the same, and there is no universal agreement on what makes waterfall a waterfall. Despite this, waterfall lovers are used to classifying waterfalls based on their most common features.

Once the Tegenungan waterfall at Bali was seen by UFC it was clear that had to be one of the real challenges for the teams. Of course the all time favorite Sand Bag’s must be included for this unique challenge and the teams were looking forward already.

You will see huge ebony trees and might be lucky enough to see monkeys in the treetops. You will then walk upstream, climbing the large boulders in the river bed, before seeing the Tegenungan waterfall appear before you.

Lots of contestants experienced this waterfall disciplines as one of the most difficult challenges, especially because of the ever resisting water which doesn’t stop pushing you back. Taler atletes had a bit of the benefit being tall because of the depth, but never the less the shorter one’s could move more quickly through the water. 

Will there be a waterfall in the upcoming 2019 UFC? you just don’t know, but such a spectacular challenge is wat we’re looking for. A challenge you’ll never forget.

A true love for sports 

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