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INsight is all about INspirational people with INcredible stories to tell. INsight is committed to pushing the boundaries of linear and non-linear broadcasting. We are a global factual entertainment channel with a passion for creating content that takes the viewer on an adventurous journey to explore and INteract with stories. The range of programming will demonstrate the best of Ultra HD; from beautiful, vivid cinematography to high-speed action.


Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge on Insight TV

The Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge is an ultimate competition in search of the most complete team regarding physical condition and mental endurance.

In our TV program we follow the contestants of this annual event. The event and therefore also the TV program exists of a natural mix of extreme sports on a military level. Country Teams will have to compete against themselves and the other teams, while dealing with the imposing elements of nature, resulting in a fortnight of extreme sports in a breath-taking environment.

During the ten days of competition a wide range of undisclosed assignments have to be accomplished. The tension between the prestige of high-level sport performances and the fear of being eliminated from the competition will ensure an exciting structure and ultimately a very thrilling program.

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