Episode 5 ‘Boat Rowing’

May 16, 2017. In this episode the challenge will be on water. The remaining 5 teams have to row a fishermen boat. The catch however is, the way they have to do this.

Episode 4 ‘Photonis Night Goggles’

May 9, 2017. Today, the teams will be challenged to do 2 assignments. And one of the challenges will be even harder than we have seen till now.

Episode 3 ‘Run Trough The Jungle’

May 3, 2017. After the first assignment of episode 2 the second Dutch team decided to leave the competition.

Episode 2 ‘Obstacle Run’

April 25, 2017. Our teams will face two specific challenges. One underwater challenge and an obstacle run with an extra challenge to carry with them.

Episode 1 ‘Forces of Nature’

April 18 2017. In the first episode of the Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge we will meet the 7 contesting teams.


The Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge is a unique outdoor sports and survival competition for M/F teams broadcasted on Insight TV, a worldwide TV channel that delivers footage at an amazing 4K resolution.

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