As always we didn’t know what to expect from the competition, except that it would be though. The location, Bali was beautiful, but the downside was that it made the competition even harder because of the exhausting heat. It was an amazing and exciting experience where we with 6 contestants off a very small country like Belgium could we compete against big country’s like Canada, Australia, USA and South Africa? The atmosphere and spirit was so great. During the game we were each other’s fierce opponents, but on the side line we were cheering for everyone. It was one big family. For the people who want to go next time, JUST DO IT. You have to train hard and not just 2 months, but a whole year around in different kinds off sports. When you get there you will have fun. The location, the atmosphere and last but not least the sports are amazing. As Belgium the Dutch are always the people we want to win from, but in this competition we saw from the beginning that they wouldn’t be a threat for our team. Go for it, Team Belgium!

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