LMX1305 LMX. HIIT Bench – Where function meets Fitness


The LMX1305 LMX. HIIT Bench is the most mulitfunctional bench for fitness! 
The LMX. HIIT Bench allows an effective and fast workout for every level of fitness. The HIIT bench is perfect for: 
– sport centres 
– fitness clubs
– personal Training studios
– functional areas
– physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers
– corporate gyms 
– boutique gyms
– functional grouptraining
– home gyms

Our HIIT bench offers a small footprint with massive potential. Perfect for boutique gyms, PT studios and home gyms with smaller spaces, it’s also a great addition to the gym floor in larger gyms, health clubs and hotels that would benefit from a movable unit.

It can be a focal point for many modes of functional training that, programmed correctly and with the right equipment/accessories, can cater for small group training with Personal Trainers, through to classes.

HIIT Bench Equipment Bundle

You can choose from a huge range of equipment to fill your HIIT Bench, however if you’re not sure what kit to choose, we recommend the following as standard:

If you are a large fitness/sports club, franchise or chain of gyms/health clubs/hotels, you can also add additional fitness accessories, for example a portable core trainer to introduce a variety of additional exercises e.g. landmine squats.

For more information and a quote, please contact us.

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