Running into an injury is often one you can feel coming up, but recognizing an injury is something els.

Once your legs say…. NOPE you’re too late and so this happened to me for the first time in over 40 years, now what? Going to the right shoe store where I was before seems the best choice I would say. RunnersWorld AmsterdamseBos at the Amstelveenseweg 507 in Amstelveen. I made an appointment the day before and found the guy Ivo on the phone.

Good running shoes can make the difference between a run realized and a run refused. And even though it takes some trial and error to find the right pair for your feet and goals, the payoff is real: You’ll have shoes that lay the groundwork for a comfortable, rewarding, and enduring pursuit—whether you’re running primarily for your health or for personal bests.

Ivo showed me various brands and models and explained me the specs of each brand and model. Already very satisfied with my previous running shoes Brooks Glycerin + a set of Stox Compression socks. I took the successor Glycerin GTS and I’m very curious how these will work out. First I have to recover from my knee injury which will take another 4 weeks I’m told, but from that pont I can start carefully running again.

Ik would like to thank Ivo from RunnersWorld AmsterdamseBos for his advise and great service and looking forward to start running again as preparation for the Damloop in September.


A true love for sports

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