2024 is around the corner and yess we are still pushing for a next UFC edition but its not easy to be honest. The shift form lineair TV to SVOD broadcasting changed a lot in TV land the past 10 years and those poor critics ave a problem for every solution. But you know what they say about critics.

“people who criticize you; just ask yourself’ what are they capable of and what have they achieved?” and the outcome will serve them well.. leave them behind you.

As most of you know we are active on YouTube for over 15 years now and most of our videos are there to watch, excluded a few footage and video’s we need in court soon’ of which we received a green light recently. The clock always keeps ticking on YouTube without noticing. Every now and then we receive an heads-up about how our video’s are doing. The UFC YouTube 2023 results keeps surprising us. 91.000 views in 2023 WOW. Just imagine what results the next UFC edition would do 😜

Yes we know, we’re all waiting and it takes a lot of patience’ sorry for that. But it happened before… two times to be specific and we managed it, so why not a third time… we keep going.

And,,,,: we received numerous reactions on our blog from August 7th. Yes they experienced the same issues, set-backs and mistrust with fake volunteers and fortune seekers in their team. My advice:

“Never trust a men who hasn’t touched the bottom”

With just 12 days to go for 2024, we wish you all a very happy, healthy and sportive 2024.

Because we love what we do. 


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