On Sunday March 31d we received the sad news that former UFC Malta 2001-2002 and Semi-finalist UFC 2004 participant Hermina van Dijk has past away at the age of 52. Hermina showed herself being a very powerful, mentally strong and determined contestant in all UFC outdoor sports disciplines.

Like there is no coincidence we noticed Hermina recently visited our UFC social media channels and website, as we assume’ to recall her fantastic UFC memories one more time. As we recall Hermina always impressed other contestants by her strong physical presence and performance… Numerous fem contestants predicted Hermina would score very high in ranking in the next 2004 Ultimate Fitness Challenge of which she was forced to decline because of private matters. 

In the following years Hermina became successful coach and trainer at the Friesland soccer club SC Heerenveen.

At the Dutch Marines training for the Ultimate Fitness Challenge

Hermina will be remembered as one of the most talented contestants in the early days of UFC. UFC wishes family and friends much strength and love with the loss of this fantastic woman.

Hermina van Dijk 1971-2024 R.I.P. ♰ Ultimate Fitness Challenge

A true love for sports

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