As you watched all previous 14 episodes you probably noticed this UFC is no ordinary obstacle run, this requires skills, stamina, perseverance, brains, team cohesion a great team captain and no fear at all. 10 days and nights facing up to 15 outdoor challenges of which you absolutely don’t know what’s next, we just don’t tell you in advance, you’ll better be prepared for the unknown.

One of our main goals is keeping as much teams as possible in the game, just to give each team all possible opportunities to prove themselves. Some teams have to grow and develop a few days before they get the hang of it. But of course, teams have to drop out along the way because there can only be one winning team.

Of course, this challenge welcomes all types of athletes but having military / law enforcement skills are highly recommended, because most disciplines are designed by the marines and based on actual field training and combat situations which you don’t know up front either, so you better be prepared for the unknown when signing up. The next Ultimate Forces Challenge teams will be 5 contestants per team max and at least 2 female and 2 male contestants per team, the 5th contestant’s gender will be up to you to decide.

Many thanks to the sponsors Photonis and Trefecta,  UFC Crew, Registration Crew and all Country Teams competing.

Regardless the obstacles, we’re desperately looking forward to the next Ultimate Forces Challenge in Canada, because we never give up.

A true love for sports

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