By March, 2022 a large proportion of the world will have been infected with the omicron variant. With continued increases in COVID-19 vaccination, the use in many countries of a third vaccine dose, and high levels of infection-acquired immunity, for some time global levels of SARS-CoV-2 immunity should be at an all-time high. For some weeks or months, the world should expect low levels of virus transmission. In the upcoming weeks most Covid-19 restrictions will disappear in most countries.

For us this means we feel comfortable to look seriously for a new Ultimate Forces Challenge in the near future. Of course, we did that already a few times, expecting Corona levels would be downsized, but they didn’t. So, we too had to sit this one out.

To make things a lot easier organization and production wise, our UFC is difficult on its own already’ we aim closer to home which will save us a lot of logistic problems, but still in a very challenging environment, weather and landscape. Just to make sure, our 16 UFC day to day challenges won’t be easier, and nope we won’t tell you in advance.

At this point we have two options to go to, the pictures might give away some locations of which we are already negotiating with. Both locations meet all the requirements to set up a real Ultimate Forces Challenge worthy competition set. We wonder if you can pinpoint these two future location options by the pictures?

As we already announced, UFC steps back to basic which will be a real competition without any soap, reality or other real life tv amusement ingredients in this “do or die” competition.

Because we love what we do


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