With Google Analytics back online, we discovered there was hardly any decline in the number of visitors the last 6 months. As you can see, the darker blue areas have the most coverage and exactly these continents we’re looking for.  First of all, our appreciation to Lars helping out on our struggle getting Analytics back online, the rest of our site maintenance appears to be very easy.

While monitoring global Facts & Figures of VOD and SVOD on a regular base we can see there’s a constant incline in Online global viewers with the leading networks. Seeing these figures, we’re confident our next step to Online broadcasting with Amazon Prime looks very promising. In fact, the specs and asset requirements are a lot easier now.

At the heart of our hybrid audience measurement is an understanding of consumer behavior. Our analytics offers deep insights across demographic characteristics of Internet use, while data collected through tags placed on participating publishers’ pages provides measurement of the content consumed. An advanced statistical process provides intelligent matching of demographic characteristics to behavior across all sites, offering the most accurate reflection of page-level activity and audience insights based on panel data.

Brand marketers and advertising agencies seek a better solution to understand the true audience of their online ad campaigns by using Reach, Frequency and GRP metrics that are comparable to Television and other media. Additionally, online publishers seek a consistent, reliable approach for validating their ad campaign audience delivery to advertisers. To date, attempts to measure audience of online advertising campaigns have not been consistent or transparent enough to provide reliable standard metrics.

With the end of Covid-19 in sight we also started our digital Sport Discovery Magazine again, providing you more detailed background information and more free visibility and publicity for our partners. SDM will be back within 2-3 months.

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