As it appears most European countries have Covid-19 restrictions but are not in lock down while The Netherlands is in full lock down, can you imagine? Shops, Gym’s, Restaurants, Offices, Regular business companies are all in full lock down. Only essential shops like supermarkets are open on specific hours.

Tomorrow January 14th the Dutch government will announce new restrictions which are kept secret till the very last moment, go figure… The Covid-19 contamination numbers are dropping, a lot less patience in the hospitals and still the government stays a wobbly administration. As a lot of Dutch provinces have announced today; no mater what the new restrictions tomorrow are saying, no matter what kind of business’ our doors will be open on Saturday 15th and they accept the consequences for this disobedience. Lots of major cities have already announced there will be NO law enforcement to take action against offenders.

It’s unexplainable that a group veterinarian (read ANIMAL DOCTORS) is the official Covid-19 advisory of the Dutch government? what’s wrong with real doctors for people like you and me? Well veterinarians didn’t take the official doctor oath’ so they can never be hold responsible for mistakes and consequences by law.

We expect lots of gyms and all kind of sports accommodation will be open tomorrow again, no matter what the new Covid-19 restrictions will obliged. We UFC support all gyms and sport accommodation in this matter. The government has lost all its credibility.

A true love for health

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