Eva was UFC competitor in the Bali 2016 edition showing herself being a natural talent in various outdoor sports. Next to this talent Eva was highly educated in Nutrition, Dietician and Sport & Business.

Now Eva wants to share all this knowledge in a Sports nutrition workshop for the Survivalrun federation by Eva.


Twice a workshop sports nutrition given survival runners. For those who don’t know the sport; Survival run is a versatile outdoor sport that combines running with obstacles.

Clearly not your average sport and therefore not your average (sports) nutritional advice. From basic nutrition and sport-specific products to nutritional supplements and (anti) doping. Everything was covered.

In addition to my nutrition workshop, there were many other interesting workshops to follow during the day. It was a very successful day, well organized by the survivalrun federation Netherlands.

Also, a (sports) nutrition workshop at your sports association, company or association?

Contact eva@bybetter.nl and maybe see you soon!

A true love for sports

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