We are an all-female competition made up of three person teams. Girls Gone Rx is a platform for women to team up and compete together; even those who have never competed.

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Compete for a Cure! Our all-women competition encourages fun and fitness while raising awareness for Breast Cancer.


Girls Gone Rx started with the idea of getting women together to benefit a great cause. We wanted to do something that showcased women’s strengths and weaknesses, because those are the two most important parts of battling something like cancer. You have to learn to be strong even when you’re feeling weak, but sometimes you also have to be willing to be weak and allow your team to support you. This team building event helps women learn to fight through obstacles and overcome them while learning to be strong, confident and fearless. 


Our first competition was in 2012 and was hosted at CrossFit Eminence, the gym of Girls Gone Rx founder, Lindsey Marcelli. In 2014, we decided to take it global with events all across the US, Canada, and Sweden and we are working on broadening our range even further for 2016! 


This is not just another competition – it’s an energy-fueled event built on a shared belief in supporting something greater than ourselves. 

Girls Gone Rx: is an all-female competition made up of three person teams. Girls Gone Rx is a platform for women to team up and compete together; even those who have never competed. When you get women together, it is all about empowering each other and supporting each other.  Each event and each workout is designed for women to come together and overcome something they perhaps didn’t think was possible.

Lift Up Series:  Women’s Only Olympic Weightlifting competition (non-sanctioned). We are all about Lifting each other Up and what better way then to lift heavy, cheer each other on, and perhaps PR.

You can all be from different gyms, and they don’t have to be affiliated – just come ready to have fun! Wear your most ridiculous matching outfits (make sure you incorporate some pink) and come up with a clever team name. The goal is to HAVE FUN. Oh, and did we mention there are prizes?!


We are all about the fun, rocking pink and glitter, challenging workouts, PR’s, and tons of epic moments. We have a lot of ladies who have never competed before to some advanced athletes. This is not just another competition, its an event full of energy and a belief in supporting something greater. 

Girls Gone Rx is about teamwork and competing for a cure. Every event benefits our breast cancer charity. International events benefit local cancer charities. Everyone involved, from judges, volunteers, vendors, spectators, gym owners, and athletes believe everyone should have fun, while support an amazing cause!


In September of 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was a scary blow for me and my husband and our entire family. At the time, all three of my children were in the military and were either in Iraq, about to go to Iraq or just coming home from Iraq. Our daughter, Lindsey, was the one stationed in Iraq when we found out, which was heart breaking. I had to wait weeks to be able to talk to her and when I did, I finally had to tell her my prognosis. It felt awful to share this news with her while she was in such a difficult place, so far away from home. But she is, and always will be, a rock solid soul. Lindsey and her husband, Kris, are truly great, hardworking and loving people who have supported me every step of the way. 

“As of this date, I am “symptom free” of cancer, which is a blessing. I’m proud to be a small part of the Girls Gone Rx program, helping to raise money for cancer awareness

— Linda Fischer, Survivor

A true love for health

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