During most UFC competitions in a warm environment a sufficient hydration was always an issue and you just can’t bring enough water bottles with you all the time. Besides that, this ‘plastic bottle’ also brings second thoughts because of the environmental pollution by too much plastic already in nature where it shouldn’t be.

Of course, you would think, having more hydration options in a warm environment like the Dutch Antilles Islands and Bali Indonesia would be logic, but the much colder Canada snow and ice environment? Yes, that wouldn’t make any difference because you will lose hydration just as easy when it’s cold, except you will notice this probably to late because you don’t sweat that much. You’ll need water all the time, no matter the temperature.  

For the PUFC Bali we planned Camelbaks for the contestants but we’re vetoed out by the production because of the extra costs. Now doing the production ourselves, there can’t be any mistakes about safety anymore. UFC will now introduce the UFC Camelbak with 1.5 L water for all contestants to carry during all challenges having water available at all times to drink when necessary or just thirsty, and as a keeper for all contestants as a UFC souvenir.


Working with multiple teams also taught us the exact location of each team could be an issue in case of emergency. There for each team (team

captain Camelbak) will carry a GPS tracker so our new Digital Mapping partner can follow each team to one square meter exactly where they are during day and night from base camp real time. This will be a great asset to the safety, the real time tracking in the program, but also for the viewers to watch the progress of each team in each challenge.

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