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At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, when stay-at-home orders shuttered gyms in every state, those who didn’t have home fitness equipment on hand suddenly found these items tough to get. Everything from kettlebells to yoga mats was either sold out, both in stores and online, or wouldn’t be delivered for months.

Fortunately, that shortage has eased, and even with many gyms reopened, there’s still a desire to create a comfortable, effective home workout space. (Even without a pandemic affecting our day-to-day lives, gym memberships can be expensive anyway!)

The good news is that it doesn’t take much space, equipment, or funding to get a full-body workout that will build muscle and speed. You just need a couple of Lifemaxx key items.


At the gym, you’re probably used to seeing an entire weight rack filled with dumbbells. But most people benefit from having three weight choices. Purchase weights you consider to be light, medium, and heavy.

“That’s unique to each individual, of course, but most folks will be able to at least gauge a starting point and buy those three..

When choosing a light weight, pick an amount that you could easily do 20 or even 30 reps with. For a medium weight, you should be able to do 10 to r2 reps, and heavy weight would be seven to 10 reps.

“Even better is a great set of adjustable dumbbells, which can potentially last a bit longer on your strength and progress journey before having to upgrade or buy a separate set of dumbbells at a higher weight,” she adds. The downside to this type, Thomas says, is that they can sometimes feel bulky or too large for some people to easily work with.

Whether you’re going traditional or adjustable, another advantage is that they’re usually inexpensive, light neoprene hand weights tend to be about €5 to €10 each new, and go up from there.


For the cheapest, most versatile, and most portable option possible, it’s pretty tough to beat resistance bands, according to trainers.

In terms of brands, she suggests SPRI, which she calls the “gold standard in the industry” because they’re durable and withstand extended use. Whether going with this brand or another, look for one that offers a door anchor, which is essential when doing pulling exercises. You can also use resistance bands with handles, and use one handle as an anchor.

Buying a pack of bands with different resistances is important, as a way to progress toward strength gains.

Try These Long Resistance Band Exercises for a Killer At-Home Workout

“I love using these because you really do have a lot of options for tailoring your exercises and being creative,” she says. “And you can target muscles more effectively with bands compared to doing bodyweight exercises only.”


“If I were to make a list of my top five pieces of equipment for effective home workouts, the Suspension  would be my first, second, and third choice. Requiring nothing more than a doorway to lock the anchor in and a few feet of space, you can work out literally any muscle group at any fitness level.”

One of these suspension trainers does tend to look like a gimmick, similar to any kind of core-workout abs builder, but it’s worth the hype.

When COVID-19 hit and he moved workouts to a nearby park and then his backyard, he often found himself taking only the TRX since it was all he needed. He even makes his clients take them on trips.

“The only downside for those workout out at home is that it’s not as intuitive for a beginner as other types of equipment,” he says. “It may require a trainer to show you how to maximize its usage. But for getting started, there are thousands of YouTube videos that can help you with the basics.”


Talk about a cheap-but-essential option, your mindset is the most important element to bring to a home workout space.

“This is your most valuable piece of equipment. With a strong mind and the right attitude, you can attack any workout and make it effective.”

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