Perhaps you’ve noticed it too but the number of viewers of our online UFC series have been increasing constantly, and yes, we are amazed too. From a few hundred monthly now in the thousands and counting. This is showing the potential of our UFC series and matching the number of viewers back in 2005 and 2006 with up to one million viewers per episode.

Recently we were contacted by one of the three leading global SVOD online broadcasters who also noticed our increased online viewers, saying… we gotta talk. And so we did with amazing results for the UFC future. That’s it for now and fingers crossed.

This amazing progress reminded us to the UFC 2005 and 2006 series on RTL reaching up to one million viewers per episode. Everybody including RTL were flabbergasted with these viewers results and attracted more sponsors. One thing is clear, no more Format bullshit. UFC is a sports competition without any moron directors / producers changing the disciplines, just to fuck up contestants. UFC is no reality soap, that’s for B level broadcasters.

A true love for sports

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