First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR and may we all be released of all Covid-19 restrictions as soon as possible, we want to move on.

As we stated earlier, regarding all restrictions’ we are exploring possibilities for a next UFC and end 2021 we have approached some potential countries closer to home of which two have replied positive. It looks easy but such a multi-discipline event and production requires more than you might expect. Especially the planning and preparations of 15 different outdoor sports disciplines on a military level is quite a challenge. Just because each UFC edition all disciplines must be different, safe and exciting.

As some assumed UFC is not a demarcated bite-ready format but a real competition which is different each edition, just to make sure nobody can prepare for what’s coming. No lousy director who’s changing the program and disciplines intentionally, just to frustrate the competitors and changing it in to a tv-soap. NO, we want a real and safe competition.   

Make no mistake, Ultimate Forces Challenge is NO regular survival or obstacle run. This is a real challenge with special military disciplines which are kept secret 1 hour prior to the start, having military skills is strongly recommended.

Depending on the upcoming Covid-19 developments, we hope we can launch a new UFC A.S.A.P. so stay tuned.

Because we love what we do.

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