In times of struggle and hardship like the Corona crisis it’s hard to survive, but as we experienced a few times in our 20-year existence, you have to find the positive vibe to survive and you will succeed. The strong will survive and come back stronger.

Picture by Arnold Ranty

Try to find the positive points in times of struggle and accept that you’re not the only one who’s in pain. Some will perish, some will downsize and some will evolve. When others perish means there will be more opportunities for you, so keep you’re head up. When others downsize means there will be more left overs for you to grab. And to those who evolve, just join the 7th wave of survival, this too shall pass, it’s just a clean sweep.

Picture by Michael Abekrom

A couple of times we thought we’ve had it, no more UFC. But as we also experienced, we noticed soon after markets shifted and new opportunities were at hand, and it has always been like that. So just ask you’re self the question, why am I doing this? Is it to prove your self or doing it to poke others eyes out? Well then you already lost the challenge and you should quit, otherwise you’ll be inviting a bad karma.

Picture by Esther Hereijgers

Just stay on course and stick to your guns. Don’t listen to the local heroes and so-called smart asses, consult real business men and not the wanabee’s. Yes, you will have bad moments and signs of despair, cranky mornings, nights without sleep and unopened letters. But the sun will rise again and that’s the moment you strike. And as we learned, yes that’s exactly how it’s going to work, we never give up.

Picture by Thierry Schut


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