As we already announced, one of our other events/programs ‘SportModels’ is in motion and we’ve been selecting experts to train the 20 contestants, way before the actual program starts. Not just a few self-proclaimed personal trainers’ but real experts who know their business.

Training these SportModels athletes is not an easy task when they have numerous criteria to match’ to make it to the finals. It’s not about just looking good and having the right physique but also the ability to actual perform in real sports disciplines which makes these girls the complete performer. And that requires trainers with real pro-skills. And we’ve found them.

The official website is under construction and all our trainers will get their own personal page for you to see how they are doing. Yes, you all will have your opinion about what’s happening so we will give you the possibility to comment online. All the effort and training from the 20 contestants will be put online on a daily base, so you can watch their progress. We’re looking forward to it.

Our selected trainers:

Marcha van Glaanen Weijgel

Mariska van den Bosch

Jeroen Derks

Doriene Verzijlenberg

Soon we will introduce the official judges of the finals

When the official SportModels website is online all news will be published on the site.

A true love for sports

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