Anom, our PUFC 2017 Bali fixer and great friend stayed in contact with UFC. We had a great cooperation with Anom during the days on Bali Island fixing local problems, Anom knew how to deal with it. Shortly after Bali Anom was asking to enter in the next UFC with a Bali team, and why not? The Bali team has one advantage to the other new teams, they’ve seen what’s coming, however don’t know the new 2021 disciplines of course.

Anom will travel as an exception with the Bali team as translator/interpreter for the Bali team during briefings and workshops. The much colder Canada environment will be an extra challenge for the Bali team to deal with. The Bali team will be the only Asia team allowed for the 2021 series, other Asian teams will be postponed to 2022. We’re looking forward to meet the team and Anom again.  

A true love for sports

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