• A rowing machine allows you to reap the benefits of a high-cardio, low-impact, muscle-strengthening, and calorie-burning sport from the comfort of your home. WWW.LIFEMAXX.COM
  • There are typically four variations of rowing machine: Water resistance, air resistance, magnetic resistance, and hydraulic resistance, each of which offers their own benefits and drawbacks.
  • The Crossmaxx Air Rower PRO nabbed our top spot thanks to its durable construction, comfortable design, and smooth-running air resistance flywheel.

Rowing machines offer a full-body workout capable of burning hundreds of calories – depending on your weight – in just 30 minutes. If 30 minutes seems too long a session, slowly build up to it by gliding along while listening to a podcast or watching a video.

This low-impact, high-cardio exercise is suitable for people from high school and college competitors to retirees in their 60s, 70s, or 80s.


What to look for in a row machine

With many different kinds of rowing machines out there, it’s important to examine each model to choose one that best fits your needs and keeps you motivated and injury-free. You’ll want to consider features like:

  • Resistance: Different types of resistance include magnetic (electromagnets slow the erg’s metal flywheel), air (wind from the spinning flywheel creates drag), hydraulic (resistance is created by hydraulic fluid in a piston or two connected to the erg’s handles), and water (the flywheel pushes against water in a tank).
  • Size: The machine should be large enough for you to straighten your legs and maintain proper rowing form, yet small enough to fit into your workout space.
  • Maximum user weight capacity: Models vary in how much they support but many accommodate 220 to 265 pounds or more.
  • Foldability: Some machines (usually magnetic and hydraulic resistance) fold up for easy storage, while others (often air and water resistance) don’t.
  • Monitor: A monitor or computer tracks information like distance, duration, speed, and/or calories burned while rowing.
  • Seat: It should be contoured and large enough to keep your backside comfortable while allowing you to maintain proper form.

How to row with good form

To get the most out of your workouts and avoid injury, remember that proper rowing form consists of an initial drive phase followed by a recovery phase. Here’s how to execute it:

  • For the drive, start first with your legs and once those are extended and your back is vertical, use your arms to pull the handle into your body. Your finished position should be your legs fully extended, the rower’s handle pulled into your body with your wrists in line with your forearms. From here, you’ll move onto recovery.
  • The first step of recovery is to straighten your arms and pivot your body from your hips, making sure to avoid hunching forward or bending backward. This fluid motion will then have your legs flexing in until your shins are completely vertical.

Finally, don’t think of this exercise as a race. Focus on perfecting your form, not on how fast you can row.

LMX1752 Crossmaxx® Air Rower PRO

The LMX1752 Crossmaxx® Air Rower PRO is the ideal and innovative heavy duty rower for every CrossFit box and functional, HIIT and conditional training!
The large, clear LCD console offers 8 different workouts and can be adjusted to 8 resistance levels.
The LMX1752 Crossmaxx® Air Rower PRO with super steel fan offers a combination of air resistance and magnetic resistance, so you can choose from 8 different resistance levels!

Through the clear LCD screen you can choose 8 training programs (including 20/30, 20/10, own intervals, target settings and SPM control). In addition, you can conveniently and easily read the following data on the screen: distance, track time, strokes, calories, SPM, Watt and time/500. You can also measure your heart rate using a chest strap.

Training with the LMX1752 Crossmaxx® Air Rower PRO is comfortable and ergonomic. The adjustable foot plates are provided with an anti-slip layer, the handle is ergonomically shaped with a soft but firm grip, the seat is also comfortable due to the ergonomic shape. Finally, the strong cord is made of nylon, making it virtually maintenance-free!
Not using the rower? Then you can easily fold it up with the safety lever under the rails and drive it away by means of the strong nylon transport wheels.

The LMX1752 Crossmaxx® Air Rower PRO has very strong aluminum rails with steel reinforcement so that the rower can carry a load of up to 160 kg. The high / heavy quality makes the LMX1752 Crossmaxx® Air Rower PRO suitable for intensive commercial use.

– colour: matt black with red fan
– length: 2180 mm
– width: 615 mm
– height: 760 mm
– weight: 49.5 kg (58 kg with packaging)
– dual steel fan
– clear and large LCD screen
– 8 different workouts possible and 8 resistance levels
– anti-slip pedals
– maintenance-free nylon cord
– foldable
– resistance: combination of magnetic and air resistance
– with transport wheels
– heart rate measurement possible with a chest strap
– maximum user weight: 160 kg

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