The 2017 calendar gave us much more variety, decor and scenes to choose from to create the next calendar. So, more composition photos were made by Esther Hereijgers and Thierry Schut to show as much as possible of the competition and the beautiful Island Bali.

In this 2017 UFC competition teams from the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, USA, Australia and South Africa challenged each other during 10 days for the highest in ranking. As you all know, Team South Africa won this 2017 edition. With the other teams being more experienced now and new teams entering the next UFC, Team South Africa will face a much higher level of competition in defending their title, were looking forward to that.

Team Australia during the water obstacle


We’re the temperatures at Bali Island were hot, humid and exhausting’ in Canada the teams will face the opposite environment and keeping your body temperature at level will be a challenge on its own. We expect the more northern country teams will have an advantage, being more custom with performance in low temperatures. Were the warm water at Bali Island was very comfortable, in Canada this will be something we look forward to when diving to the bottom to pick up the instructions for your next challenge.

Team Australia at the waterfall challenge and Night vision discipline

Team Belgium in Rowing the boat and at the waterfall.

Team Belgium at the Forces Of Nature Challenge

Team Canada at the Load Carry Run

Team Canada at the search and rescue challenge

Team Holland at the Forces Of Nature challenge

Team Holland run through the jungle

Team South Africa at the Amphibian Cross challenge and Trefecta E-Bike

Team South Africa at the abandoned Amusement Park challenge

Team USA at the Hidden Canyon challenge

Team USA during Rowing The Boat challenge

A true love for sports

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