One waterproof, floating spaceshuttle called: boat.

 4 oars, 1 bucket, 2 women, sharks, blisters everywhere (even on places where you should never have expected them), monstrous high waves and a terrifying amount of cubic miles metres of water below us/underneath….

And this is only the beginning of our story!

Friendship, a thriving curiosity, a certain amount of insanity, love for people, heart for the ocean, physical empowerment and the urge for adventure brought us together.

We decided to combine all those elements into one big adventure and strive with the aim to help as many people as possible to reach a better healthcare and help to make the ocean cleaner and healthier again.

A healthy ocean can decrease natural disasters, thus helping people – often without access to medical care – who have been affected by climate change.

Team Atlantic Stormtroopers was born….

With these values in mind will we will row our assess off and nail these 5000 km on only 100 % green energy across the Atlantic Ocean.


The Facts

  • 5 million strokes will be rowed to cross the ocean,
  • 2 hours on the oars and 2 hours off, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for about 42 days,
  • 3000 nautical miles of Atlantic between La Gomera and the finish line in Antigua,
  • More people have gone to space than have rowed the Atlantic,
  • We will need to consume over 5000 calories a day to maintain our bodyweight,
  • Atlantic rowers lose more than 8kg over the crossing on average,
  • Sleep deprivation, isolation, exhaustion – a real test of mental and physical resilience,
  • 20ft waves and the strength of Atlantic storms to contend with,
  • Everything they require for their journey they must carry on board,
  • We will need to drink over 10 liters every day – provided by a desalinator machine on the boat,
  • After the 2020 race saw 4 marlin attacks, Kevlar protection is now a requirement for boats making the crossing,
  • There is no toilet onboard – we will be adopting a ‘bucket and chuck it’ approach.

A real test, a real adventure! Team up with us! #lookingforsponsors #donate

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