What we are doing looks easy but it’s far from that. Where other events take one or most two days’ Ultimate Forces Challenge takes 10 days and nights and that’s a real challenge for us too. Experienced contestants knows, the real challenge starts on day 3.

To all the teams of which we never hand any information about the upcoming 15 disciplines’ we would like to share; make no mistake by using your UFC 2017 Bali experience to prepare for the UFC 2019 Canada because it’s going to be a completely different ballgame. Thats logical for the experienced UFC contestants but for the rookies it will surprising and challenging.

First of all you can not compare the Bali circumstances with the Canada situation, environment and temperatures, yes this is different like any UFC always is. Where UFC Bali was a lot of obstacle, the Canada edition will be more divers, demanding in distance, stamina and pure willpower. Ultimate Forces Challenge is not for pussies. 

As usual team captains will be briefed verbally and on paper just 1-2 hour(s) prior to each challenge separate and from that point you can deliberate with your team how to handle things. New Challenge will be the choice of specific materials and tools to choose from shortly before the start. The briefing should tell you what to use, but when you choose the wrong tools, you’re in trouble already before you go. So use your brains and RTFM. And for your information, there will be some totally useless tools among the set to choose from, so choose wisely.

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