Direct after our announcement last month about starting SportModels’ from all directions people started contacting us about what’s happening? Yes, recent meetings with new partners gave us enough confidence to get things started.

SportModel of the Year® is a modelling competition for sporty girls. The sport hype among young women, great looking, sports is fun! The bar lies high for these women when we’re talking about sexy & good looking. New sports such as Bootcamp, fitness, Cross Fit, Survival and other outdoor sports became practiced by large groups which also creates a natural ranking here, becoming the fittest and the most beautiful ….

For the real sporty fashionista the total picture has to be right, and the right sporty look and of course the must have “six pack” is certainly within reach. SportModel of the Year® reaches out to lend a helping hand in a 16 weeks program online and on TV with great prices. SportModel of the Year® starts March 2020 in Holland but our affiliates in the surrounding countries have already started their network to set up first preparations to launch abroad.

Through a strict selection and audition procedure, the registered participants will place themselves in a ranking at the top 20 for an election to a contemporary sporty style woman; who in addition to a great stamina and fitness skills also has a “best body”, the ideal combination that every cool girl from 18+ years of age wants to go for.

No women with big muscles but great lean looking woman with a sporty background, performance, healthy lifestyle and feel good high on their wish list, and there are abundant.

In the run-up to the finals program of Sportmodel of the Year®, the 20 selected participants will be followed with the camera on a daily base during their training, preparation indoor and outdoor. A profile with short interview is filmed for each participant on location, in the fitness club and sometimes outside or at home.

All 20 contestants will have their own page on the future website in English and in Dutch for them to present themselves, for their followers, friends and family, and more followers means more points in the competition to the finals. The participants are being prepared by 4 Fitness and Crossfit professionals with decades of knowledge and professional choreographer with stage experience, assist the ladies with all important facets such as training and stage performance routines. Of course we have selected the best judges you can imagine. 5 Only female judges with professional stage experience up to real world champions, which we are going to present to you soon.

In the coming weeks will post on this website till the new website is ready. Soon our email address will be activated for you to contact us.

Looking forward to this unique program.

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