Lets celebrate strong women this womens day! Today it’s all about Alison Felix, 26 total gold medals throughout her career 6 of those Olympic gold medals. Repost: @ashwarriorwomen

When #AllysonFelix became pregnant, Nike offered her 70% less on her contract due to the pregnancy. Fueled by Nike telling her “Know your place and just run”, Felix dropped Nike 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 and got busy creating her own brand of running shoes Saysh for athletes like her.

She has been running in the Olympics in Tokyo wearing them as she fronts them under the banner “I Know My Place”. “I’ve been asking for change and speaking up, and it just got to a point where I needed to create that myself.” She is now celebrated as the most decorated female Olympian in track and field HISTORY.

What a woman

P.s check out how she is repping that c-section scar with pride

As we know what its like to struggle and to stand up against the megalomanic brands we feel we’re doing the right thing by forwarding Alison’s story and let it grow. Pay it forward.

A true love for sports

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