To be honest, yes we’ve heard the rumors about The Voice for quite some time. Having a long events history in fitness competitions made us extra alert to prevent such abusive circumstances. Especially these situations were one of the reasons we started Ultimate Fitness Challenge back in 1999. Every woman deserves a respectful, decent and objective competition to perform in her talent and expertise she has, weather she can sing, dans or being an athlete, they deserve our respect.

Especially with subjective judging sports it’s crucial to have clear rules & regulations to ensure performers are save and can rely on a professional objective administration. Just because we’ve seen questionable stage and performance situations in the past, we started from day one with women on stage and women judges only which immediately resulted in much more logical results. No male judges.

Next to stringent rules & regulations in the competitions we entered strict etiquette for crew, production and contestants in how to behave, keep their distance and respect each other’s privacy. Everybody, male or female’ who violated these rules will be expelled from the event immediately. Therefor we preventive removed 5 M/F crew and contestants from the events in the past to ensure everybody’s safety.

By having great looking women in the Ultimate Fitness Challenge, we feel ourselves obligated and responsible for their safety, therefor we don’t accept any indecent behavior by anybody. Even a wrong or bad ambiguous remark or pawing will result in being expelled from the event immediately and pressing charges will be investigated.


Because we love what we do

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