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We all have those days when there’s just no time to get everything done. When they do pop up, it’s great to have delicious one pot meal recipes you can fall back on.

One pot dishes are easy to make because you just throw everything in together. Better yet, you can often leave them alone to cook. This saves you a lot of extra time to get important things done.

This is something that Nick and Silke over at Jager Foods do so well. You’ll find a lot of easy to follow recipes there along with stories of their travel and coffee adventures.

Quick and Easy One Pot Meals

1. Sausage and Spring Vegetable Pasta

If you are looking for a gluten-free dish that is also easy to make, try the Sausage and Spring Vegetable Pasta. You can use it to entertain your guests, or as your weeknight, quick meal and the preparation is as easy as the consumption; no need for several cooking pots, grills or ovens.

2. Cheesy Chicken Broccoli and Rice

Nothing brings the family closer together than a good meal. Cheesy Chicken Broccoli and Rice is not only easy to make but can easily be converted into a family’s favorite that blends so easily. It only takes 25 minutes to prepare and the results; less fuss, less mess, fewer dishes.

3. Thai Shrimp and Quinoa

A protein-filled healthy meal that can easily find its way into the family’s list of favorite meals. Quinoa is great for infusing flavors and goes down well with Thai Shrimp. To tease your taste buds, add a touch of creamy vegetables and some coconut milk!

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4. Chicken and Stuffing

You can make your Chicken & Stuffing as a side dish or as the main course meal. How you serve it makes all the difference. It is a comfort food that takes only 10 of your minutes to prepare, not to mention that you will not have a pile of dishes to deal with after dinner.

5. Pressure Cooker Taco Chicken Wings

Tasty Chicken Wings can be made from various approaches, but none beats the Pressure Cooker Taco Chicken Wings. The flavor profile is one that you will wish to have on your taste buds on a daily basis. Ensure that your Chicken Wings are free of excess water to make seasoning easier. Your instant pot will let have your meal ready in 10 minutes.

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6. Chili Cheese Pasta

Pasta is only as good as the ingredients used to prepare it. The Chili Cheese Pasta can turn dramatic because there is cheese involved. Chili makes it even more delicious when it is used in moderation. Once cooked, you will want to scoop large amounts out of the serving bowl to satisfy your cravings.

7. Chipotle Chili

Chipotle Chili is among the easiest meals to make that I know. What’s more? It is ideal for the cold weather and can also serve as a comfort meal. Shared with a loved one, you will want nothing else but to cuddle in love. The baked beans seasoned lightly sweet, smoky, meaty, and spicy chili is a meal that will light up your home and heart.

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8. Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo with Peas and Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

This recipe is among my favorites because in addition to being healthy and tantalizing, it also only needs 20 minutes to get ready. It is also budget-friendly, and can easily be converted into a family’s best one-pot meal.

9. Cauliflower Chowder

Make sure to add this recipe to your easy-to-make one-pot meals. If you have lost your appetite, I suppose this is where you will find it. Cauliflower Chowder, loaded with baked potato soup, will become a household recipe if you experiment with different flavors.

10. Salmon Pasta with Cream Sauce

If you are having one of those evenings when you feel like doing nothing yet, the kids have to be fed, experiment with the Salmon Pasta with Cream Sauce. Also known as tuna casserole, you can have it ready in 20 minutes. It is full of nutrients, and make sure to use gluten-free pasta to keep the gluten at bay.

11. Tasty Vegetable Curry

This tasty vegetable curry is a delicious option for Meatless Mondays. It’s hearty, flavorful and will help keep you warm during the cold months.

I also like that it doesn’t take a lot of work. All you need to do is get all the ingredients in the right order and allow the pot to simmer. This allows all the spices to impart their flavors and aromas.

Additionally, it’s loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is high in vitamin A and C as well as iron. You also get a good amount of calcium and potassium from it.

One ingredient I particularly like is turmeric which offers many health benefits including fighting inflammation, improving brain function and lowering your risk of heart disease.

12. Southwestern Cauliflower Rice Casserole

The Southwestern Cauliflower Rice Casserole may take longer than the other recipes on this list, but it deserves mentioning because it is a quick-fix meal that you can prepare in one hour. If you have some leftover Cauliflower rice, do not toss it away. Instead, convert it into a one-dish energy-packed meal.

13. Lamb Shoulder with Rice, Beans, and Tomatoes

Do not let the lamb shoulder fool you into believing this is a tiring recipe. In two hours you can have a mouth-watering dish ready for your hungry family. It is ideal if you are cooking on a budget or just want to try something you have not made in a long while.

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14. Easy Skillet Lasagna

Lasagna and easy are two words that do not form a perfect combination, but not in this case. It is a one-pot meal that does not have to observe the traditional preparation procedure. For extra flavor, consider using petite diced tomatoes instead of big chunks.

15. Banana and Lentil Curry

Whether you are looking for a quick-fix meal for lunch or dinner, here is one that serves the purpose perfectly well. Are your cooking skills wanting? With this recipe, you do not have to worry about that. Just get it ready in 20 minutes, and you will be amazed at your skills.

16. Instant Pot Chicken and Rice

The Instant-Pot Chicken and Rice recipe takes convenience meals to a whole new level. The combination of mushrooms with chicken and brown rice are the inspiration behind this 50-minutes sizzling meal.

17. One Pot Ginger and Greens Miso Ramen

If you have come across this recipe for the first time, rest assured that you will love the ease with which you can cook it in just 20 minutes. With some noodles, flavorful broth, and a soft, tender egg that is only lightly done, you will feel so warm and rejuvenated preparing it.

18. Creamy Macaroni and Chicken

Chicken recipes come with the notion that you need like three hours to prepare, but did you know that the Creamy Macaroni and Chicken only takes 10 minutes? This easy-to-make hearty meal will make your home the envy of everyone who comes visiting. It will take the monotony of recipes off your kitchen.

19. Instant Pot Turkey and Gravy

This one-pot Turkey and Gravy only takes 10 minutes of your time to make. Start with a frozen turkey roast and work your way to a gloriously delicious meal, just like you do it on special occasions. Every day can be Thanksgiving Day at your house!

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20. Creole Salmon and Dirty Rice

Don’t let “dirty rice” mess with your appetite. It simply refers to brown rice that looks dirty even after several washes. This is a simple meal that gives you all the nutrients you need for dinner or snack. If you have some leftovers of the meal, wrapping it in lettuce can provide a great alternative to cereal breakfast.

21. Instant Pot Taco Bake

The main ingredient here is the ground beef that does not call for the protocol in its preparation. Nothing could be more fulfilling than bringing a nice cooked meal to the table for your family in record time. The instant pot is the miracle worker as in five minutes you will have your meal ready.

22. Creamy Meatball Tortellini

Meatballs are considered quick-fix meals, but with a mother’s special touch, they can easily become a tantalizing everyday special. It is easy to prepare, in just less than 30 minutes, all in one cooking pot. Just place all your ingredients in a big pan and bring to a boil and you will be amazed at the results.

23. Chicken Fajita Skillet Quinoa Bake

Chicken Fajitas are a special meal when you add some Quinoa (or pasta if you like). Top it with guacamole starter and let the party begin! This is the one mealthat you need to get down with during those moments when you need to forgive yourself for something. Its sizzling nature will calm down your nerves and give you a fresh feel for life.

24. Butternut Squash and Sausage Pasta

The combination of butternut and sausage may catch you off-guard, but wait until you have served your family and everyone is asking for me. The recipe calls for creativity, and proper blending of the ingredients for finger-licking results. Consider adding some spinach and your whole family will be asking for more.

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