Instead of worrying and throwing up roadblocks we used the “lock down” time to explore possibilities. Now working with the real pro’s, we already discovered these people can really think and work as a team, building together without hidden agendas. As we noticed the true professionals at PUFC Bali we can now create a real team with people who actually know what they’re doing.

We expect the Covid-19 restrictions will end within two to three months and from that point we can actually start the production process because we already had our meetings, did our planning and homework and we’re ready to start. Of course, as we stated before, we stick to Canada as our next Ultimate Forces Challenge destination and found some really interesting new military grade sponsors which will fit like a glove in our next UFC series.

As announced before we are also working on a new Ultimate Fitness Challenge ‘women only’ series as we did very successfully in the past. We found a great European host country who are more than happy to have us. Which country? Let that be a surprise to you. With the new team we will work on two other new productions, our UFC brand, a totally new website and new house style.

Yes, we have other great new developments going on but they’re kept secret to be unveiled later on and not giving to much great ideas to soon for others to copy, no way. As soon new developments are protected properly by law, you will hear about our new plans. And yes, some will scratch behind their ears realizing they’ve made the wrong decisions and missed the boat. At one point the pieces of the puzzle fall in the right place.

Because we love what we do

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