Often UFC contestants refer about their challenges in UFC facing mental issues, discovering themselves, becoming mentally stronger and finding new ways to keep going, we’ve heard it hundreds of times and every time we’re happy we could contribute to people’s life lessons.

Nicole & Garry were team members in the Australia UFC team at Bali and together with the other team members Robyn, Vikky, Melanie & Riley, Wayne and Adam we stayed in contact. It’s great making friends for life through sports as we experienced during 20 years UFC.

It also feels like a great compliment when Garry refers to his UFC experiences as being a very successful mental coach in Australia, forwarding his challenges at UFC Bali to inspire others comparing to every day life situations. Well that’s exactly one of the base elements in the Ultimate Forces Challenge, facing people challenges to handle and overcome difficult situations in real life, exploring personal boundaries and discovering your way more stronger you’ll expect.



When we battled out the final against South Africa in UFC Bali Edition, we knew we were up against it. ⠀

They were consistently the fittest & strongest team in the competition & red hot favourites to win.

When you find yourself in a really tough spot, consider these options that helped us get it done and do our best. ⠀

1. Grit your teeth & keep going, no matter how small your progress⠀

2. Stop or slow down, take a few deep breaths to recover, and restart. ⠀

3. Ask for help⠀

One or all of these options can be helpful. It can depend on what you’re doing and what you need to achieve. ⠀

It’s one way to help win the battle in our brains. It is not rocket science. It’s brain science. ⠀

#mentalstrengthcoach #brainscience




It feels like a reward, people sharing the UFC experiences to inspire others. Thank you Team Australia.

Hope to see you guys soo again.

Because we love what we do




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