Camjo, which in fact translates as Camera Journalist will be one of the next features in the Ultimate Forces Challenge when following the daily Challenges on location online. As we announced already, we will produce ourselves as we did in the past and we will add the latest online items to the series attracting more daily followers to the Ultimate Forces Challenge on our website and Social Media. UFC will appoint a separate ‘stand-alone’ boy or girl to film all behind the scene situation, quote’s, statements, party, joy and tears, separate from the production crew.

A Camjo especially for our audience who want to stay up-to-date as much as possible about what’s happening on the set of each Challenge for the teams to perform in Canada. We want to be more in close contact with the family, fans and followers of the teams from around the world and give the opportunity to tune in on our website to watch the day to day routine.

Of course, not the actual challenge which will follow later as 16 x 30 minutes episodes / series on our SVOD platform in cooperation with Amazon. But we’re sure you want to see what’s happening before and after, during breakfast, close up interviews, lunch and dinner. Briefings, stress and excitement behind the scenes which you normally wouldn’t see in the UFC series. That close we want you to be with us.

When dates and pre-production are starting up, we will inform you more about how, where and when to watch on our website. And we will actually start Camjo filming back in our home base, preparing in office, getting ready for departure so you can watch the whole production process and team in advance… always a step ahead in ideas.

Because we love what we do

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