Did you know UFC experienced lots of contestants who were afraid of water, or at most occasions at least for what’s under water. Male or Female often it’s not depth or high waves and it doesn’t matter if it’s in a swimming area or at open sea, it’s most about what’s out there which we can’t see. UFC is always on the lookout for unusual situations to get you out of your comfort zone and confront you with “Now What” and deal with it.

When you swim in the ocean, do you avoid going out too far in the water? Do you keep your knees close to your chest because you’re scared of the monstrous sea creatures that could be lurking right beneath you? Chances are you suffer from a very common phobia called Thalassophobia which is amongst most people without even knowing it.

Thalassophobia is the persistent fear of large, deep, dark bodies of water. It’s triggered by the specific stimulus of not knowing what mysteries might be right below you—but don’t confuse this phobia with aquaphobia, the fear of water itself. Thalassophobia is the actual fear of what’s hiding below the water. That could be a shark, a slimy sea creature, or just not knowing how deep, vast, and dark the ocean is.

At the UFC Bali edition there was a basically easy to handle challenge by solving a puzzle under water in about 4-5 ft. water. Especially the 4-5 ft. was required so contestants could stand up and breath normally. UFC handed the selection of the location to the production company Kiem as demanded but the weather conditions became from bad to worse. Within minutes the water raised up to 10 ft. which was a serious risk. UFC decided to quit and the production company Kiem overruled it demanding to continue no matter what. After one more attempt UFC decided the weather conditions became to dangerous and quit the discipline.

Previous under water challenges

UFC is familiar with water challenges and various disciplines in previous editions were performed in 10 to 25 ft. deep water successfully. During these water challenges UFC experienced numerous contestants who felt uncomfortable in these conditions and that’s exactly what we are looking for, but in a safe way. UFC stepped away from the production company Kiem and will work with real professionals in the future. Having contestants with under water issues like Thalassophobiawill remain because we don’t want you to feel comfortable, that’s why it’s a Challenge.

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