A recent change in ruling on electric bikes in the USA by the Department of Interior increases recreational opportunities through the use of electric bikes.

This new US regulation change eBike more clearly defines electric bicycles and no longer describes them as motor vehicles. This gives local land managers the authority to to regulate e-bikes the same as traditional bikes on non-motorized trails. This new rule applies to federal public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service and Bureau of Reclamation.

In general:

  • Electric bicycles are no longer defined as motor vehicles or off-road vehicles, but are properly defined within three classes.
  • Electric bicycle riders have similar rights, privileges and duties as traditional bicycle riders.
  • Local land managers can authorize some or all classes of electric bicycles on roads, paths and trails where bicycles are allowed.
  • Local land managers maintain significant control, in partnership with the public, to make access decisions.

The new ruling makes more roads and paths accessible and the opportunity to experience a challenging road or trail has become accessible to a larger target group.

Trefecta welcomes the US regulation change eBike of the U.S. Department of Interior making a major change to the regulations governing the use of electric bicycles by no longer classifying eBikes as motor vehicles and putting them on a par with regular bicycles. This beter defines their use on public land and allows local land managers the authority to permit their use on non-motorized trails!

This naturally supports the multi purpose nature of our Trefecta family of eBikes, allowing you to easily commute to work during the week, while having the power, range and all terrain capability and durability to tackle the rough stuff during the weekend.

How do you plan to use your Trefecta eBike? We are exited to offer you our help in selecting and tailoring the right solution for your personal eBike requirements. Please check out our current model range and contact us directly for any questions. While looking forward to hearing from you we thank you for your interest in the Trefecta family of special purpose eBikes.”

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