While facing the last few weeks of this year the 2022 YouTube statistics came in, these are very encouraging and 31% better than last year. We probably did something right. We know you should never lose patience and strive for recovery will work at the end. As most of the international Covid-19 rules & regulations have disappeared, business starts to explore new ways of reaching their B-to-B and B-to-C customers through media again.

YouTube stats

Of course, most linear TV has shifted to VOD and SVOD Online, luckily, we shifted to Online in 2016, and that’s exactly were Communication & Marketing managers are looking for right now. Recent we received various exposure and branding inquiries for our next UFC series. A new military grade Goggles & Digital mapping company and a Global Nutrition company have shown serious interest. And of course, UFC was easy to find.

Now having a great deal with a real global SVOD broadcasting company we can assure our partners global exposure in the highest quality in over 50 countries. Now working on two new series of 24 episodes we will update on a regular base, so stay tuned on. www.ultimateforceschallenge.com


Because new UFC series requires new competition elements for both, UFC Ladies only and UFC for international teams’ they will find new challenges of which they have never experienced. Our UFC Challenges leader, designer and former Dutch Marine already has changed some ingredients for an extra bite… which requires real thinking on your feet.

A true love for sports

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