A great first price for the winner is a must have being a well know outdoor sports event and TV series for over 20 years now. Through the years we had great prices from sponsors which gave the contestants extra encouraging to win the overall competition and our events that extra leverage. With the Corona situation nowadays it’s a lot more challenging to have such great prices for the winner, but again we succeeded.

Back in 2016 Trefecta Mobility was our partner in the Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge at Bali Indonesia and these Trefecta Military grade E-Bikes made an indelible impression to all contestants and crew, “I got to get me one of these” we heard all day long, and amazing they are. I myself tried such an E-bike too… how it feels, and WOW, that’s fast. On Bali Island mopeds are a basic transportation and about 2 million mopeds on Bali, can you imagine? There were about a dozen mopeds outside the UFC film set and when I started to peddle, they followed me quickly, well within a few seconds they were out of sight behind me in the dust. The incredible speed of these amazing E-Bikes is crazy. Within seconds going 70 MPH on a bike?

Trefecta and UFC already had a great mutual understanding and a recent initiative resulted quickly in a great sponsor deal with Trefecta offering this Ultimate and unique Trefecta RDR E-Bike for the winner of the upcoming Ultimate Fitness Challenge. As well Trefecta as UFC are both proud to hand this great E-Bike to the next UFC ladies’ winner.

Of course, we’re going cooperate closely in setting up a real UFC E-Bike competition with the famous military grade section E-Bikes from Trefecta in the Belgium Ardennes. This time our Marines will set up a real challenge, pushing the contestants to their limits on these unique bikes, up to steep mountains and decline sloops at high speed to the finish. Trefecta will deliver a full set of 4 professional military E-Bikes to have a great Challenge, are you going to watch these power girls live in the Ardennes?

Soon more news about the Ultimate Fitness Challenge while we are negotiating with previous and new partners for a next memorable UFC.

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