As the number of visitors from countries around the world keeps climbing, we published the full Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge in Bali Indonesia series on our site for free of course. As many visitors asked when can they watch the full series, we figured it’s time to accept these requests. And the trailer is renewed too.

As we can see what countries and continents are visiting our website, UFC keeps finding its way around the globe, and by the thousands.

As stated, we’re counting the days for the next series in Canada. As most of the sports events we feel responsible for our international teams and crew’s safety and we can only start when Covid-19 is under control and people can travel safe.


Having everything ready for the next UFC Canada series, Amazon Prime is ready for the uploads to broadcast, we’re looking forward. Next to the new UFC Canada series all previous series back to 1999 will be published too.

Because we love what we do

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